Crooked Indian Higher Education

Analysis of the perception of the Indian parents towards Higher Education.

As the classes got over, I was walking from my college to the bus stop. I was stopped by a middle aged man who started questioning me about the authenticity of the quality education given by the college, preferred choice of the course and the ease at which a degree can be got with a particular course.  After few seconds i realized  that it was a tensed father who was eager to know about the college as his son had the counseling session the next day.

As the conversation rolled on, he began to ask me as to which course was the easiest choice. What lacked was the important information about his sons interest. When i asked him so, he came up with Mechanical in a flash. But his father wasn’t very enthused by his sons choice. As i walked the straight lane to my college bus stand, thoughts kept on circulating in my mind as to how similar the behavior of the father-son duo was to compared with my own parents. As I’ve observed in past 3 years things have been the same  all the while. Indian parents usually have been lately ignoring the vital info on child’s interest when they chose to do their higher studies. It has always been fueled by the false perception of the ease at which the degree can be got or the kind of jobs their child will get after graduation. They always seem to think from their heart but not in their heads. Rather than natural interest “Comparative decision making” rules the roost.

When the situation is compared with the parents of far west,  parents right from the young age encourage their children to pursue in their interest even if it rare and bizarre field. As the child grows up he is extensively into his field and becomes a formidable asset in his area. The story always ends happily. India has the largest population of below 35 years. They are the ones who will dictate terms in near future. They are the solution for everyday problems. They are our biggest hope. If we miss this opportunity to encourage them to pursue their interest , we would have to wait for another generation to take advantage of this.

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